Worried mum launches petition to save primary school crossing

A WORRIED mother has organised a petition demanding that East Sussex County Council reinstate a patrol crossing at a St Leonards primary school.

Victoria Bridger, whose son attends the Christ Church CE School, has launched a petition after two children were hurt in a traffic accident which occurred on Tower Road, on March 14 outside Christ Church School, at the very spot where a crossing patrol used to be.

The two children escaped with cuts and bruises but angry teachers and parents, concerned for the future of their children’s safety, are calling for the council to reintoduce the patrol crossing.

Victoria, 32, said: “I was told the funding was being cut and that’s not right. We just want to have our crossing back.”

The council told the Observer that funding for the crossing patrol in Tower Road has not been cut and that they were trying to recruit for the position which has been vacant for 15 months.

But it did admit that the Tower Road crossing is one of 13 in East Sussex currently under review. It also said that consultations with schools are ongoing and that no decision will be made until these consultations are complete.

There are two Christ Church school crossings - one in Tower Road and one in London Road and according to the council the London Road patrol crossing meets the criteria and will continue to be funded.

Nationally recognised guidelines, which include looking at the number of children crossing, how many vehicles use the road, and the speed of the traffic, are used to access school patrol crossings.

The move by the county council to cut funding for school patrol crossings across the county has proved controversial and there are three crossing patrols in the Hastings that don’t meet the criteria - St Paul’s Primary, Christchurch Primary and Hollington Junior and Infant School. A spokesperson from the council said: “We are talking to all the affected schools to discuss ways in which we can help them to keep their patrol.”

To sign the petition to reinstate the patrol crossing at Christ Church CE Primary School please visit: www. epetition.eastsussex.public-i.tv/epetition_core/community/petition/2670#div_sigs