Woman falls to her death while cleaning windows

Agnieszka Zielonka
Agnieszka Zielonka

A WOMAN plunged to her death from her second-storey flat after losing her balance while cleaning windows.

Polish-born Agnieszka Zielonka, 31, of Cornwallis Gardens, broke her neck in the fall and was found lying in the garden by shocked neighbour Diane Fraser.

Ms Fraser had just returned from work and was sorting out washing in the kitchen when she found the body.

She told an inquest on Wednesday, August 10, that she discovered Miss Zielonka lying beside the patio next to some plant pots. Ms Fraser said: “I called for her but she didn’t reply and stood with her until police and paramedics arrived.

“I used to see her regularly with her dog. She was always a happy girl and we would always have a natter, mostly while on the way or coming back from work.”

The inquest into Miss Zielonka’s death, which happened on March 5, heard she slipped and fell from a narrow balcony outside her flat and died of multiple injuries.

Joanna Hayward, who knew Miss Zielonka for six years, described her friend’s death as an ‘absolute tragedy’ and a ‘huge loss’ to many who knew her.

She added: “I heard it was not the first time Agnieszka had gone outside on the balcony to clean her windows.

“It was a freak accident and her brother in Poland is still grieving and cannot come to terms with his sister’s death. He goes to her grave every week.

“Agnieszka wanted a family and children and it was all taken from her because of this accident.”

Mrs Hayward, of Wartling Close, St Leonards, was Miss Zielonka’s manager at Britannia Care Home in Bexhill and then at Park Beck in Upper Maze Hill, St Leonards.

She bought her friend and colleague a dog for her birthday in 2008 which Miss Zielonka, originally from Lodz in Poland, named Jamal in honour of the main character from the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Miss Zielonka studied at the Institute for Family Studies in Warsaw, and when she moved to England six years ago, continued her postgraduate studies in psychology at the Polish University in Exile in London.

She was one of the founder members of the Polish Association in Hastings and its vice-chairman, as well as being involved in the Polish Roman Catholic Mission, based at St Mary Star-of-the-Sea Church in the Old Town.

Since the end of 2009 Miss Zielonka worked at Bears House Nursery in Holmsdale Gardens.

Deputy coroner Joanna Pratt recorded a verdict of accidental death.