The writing’s on the floor at a chemist shop in Ore

Staff at Laycock's Pharmacy
Staff at Laycock's Pharmacy
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WRITING on the floor of a shop would normally get you in trouble with the authorities for vandalism.

Not so at a chemist shop in Ore.

Staff and customers at Laycock’s Pharmacy in Old London Road decided to write their own messages on the floor as part of a charity fundraiser for St Leonards-based St Michael’s Hospice.

They collected £101 in total over the last few weeks and pharmacist Shammi Radia is adding another £101 himself.

Angie Fullerton, shop assistant at Laycock’s, said: “The floor is soon to be resurfaced with new flooring so someone suggested that we write on the existing floor and collect donations for the hospice.

“It proved to be quite popular and the children especially loved it, as they could write what they wanted and draw pictures.

“Quite a few people wrote Christmas messages and drew festive pictures such as Christmas trees.”