St Leonards church hosts first Big Lunch

Big Lunch at Sonrise Church, Bohemia
Big Lunch at Sonrise Church, Bohemia

A CHURCH in Bohemia hosted its first Big Lunch on Sunday, June 21, with dozens of people enjoying an afternoon of music, arts and crafts and plenty of food.

Sonrise Church, Bohemia Road, joined the 7 Streets Project in hosting a Big Lunch, annual initiative set up by the Eden Project in Cornwall, for the delighted community of Bohemia.

The Eden Project launched The Big Lunch in 2009 in a bid to encourage communities to have lunch together, sharing food, getting to know one another and strengthening social ties.

Pastor Glenn Khan said: “It was great to open our large building of St Peters to the local community and host The Big Lunch. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet our neighbours and make new friends. We were very pleased with the response and incredibly grateful to all those who helped out.”

James Bacon said: “The idea of bringing together communities, forging friendships and bonds, should be at the very centre of what we do. The lifeblood of society is the community and the people within it. Once that has broken down and neighbourliness is lost, the community is seen moribund. The Big Lunch has been created to eradicate any fear of social exclusion and instead brings everyone together, no matter what your background or past may be. We, the people, are at the very heart of the community and events like this do such a great job at uniting us.”

It is estimated that in 2013 more than £3.65 million people in the UK took part in the initiative, which takes place every year on Sunday, June 1.

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