St Leonards Bridge Club

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Results from St Leonards Bridge Club week ending September 27, 2014.

Monday evening N/S 1st Eddie & Kathy Williams

2nd Ann Hone & Beryl Allen

E/W 1st Molly Freeman & Mike Finch

2nd Bruce Carrison & Kim Booth

Tuesday afternoon N/S 1st Andy Eames & Chris Bond

2nd Mike Ayres & Peter Carbutt

E/W 1st Sue Clarke & Karen Sloan

2nd Derek Greenup & Steve Cooper

Friday afternoon 1stEddie & Kathy Williams

2nd Edward Wallbutton & Chris Bond

Friday evening Club teams championship

1st Eddie & Kathy Williams - Gary Rogerson - Andy King

2nd Mike Finch - Molly Freeman - Maurice & Sylvia Reeves

Results from St Leonards Bridge Club week ending October 4, 2014.

Monday evening 1st Bruce Carrison & Kim Booth

2nd Rosemary & Geoffrey Craggs

Tuesday afternoon N/S 1st Lesley Gould & Bruce Carrison

2nd Mike Ayres & Peter Carbutt

Equal 1st E/W Carole & Kim Booth

& Margaret Faulkes & Avis Woodfine

3rd Andy Eames & Chris Bond

Friday afternoon N/S 1st Joan Sheppard & Pat Collings

2nd Edward Wallbutton & Peter Carbutt

E/W 1st Paul & Sue Brown

2nd Katherine Jackson & Pat Barkess

Friday evening Equal 1st Sergio Magri & Chris Bond

& Andy King & Elaine Ford

3rd Patricia Cuthbert & Julia Gayton

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