Sinking of the Empress of Ireland

The Empress of Ireland
The Empress of Ireland

TWO Canadians are trying to trace the relatives of two St Leonards brothers who died when the ship they were travelling on, the Empress of Ireland, sank on the Lawrence River, Canada, in 1914.

Wendy MacDonald, an amateur historian and genealogist, and Alice Gibb, a writer and historian, are trying to trace the descendants of Frank and William Hopper who were on their way home to St Leonards to visit their mother.

This year marks 100 years since the Empress sank after being hit by a cargo ship, the Storstad, in heavy fog.

The tragedy cost the lives of 22 people from the UK. The ship left London, Ontario, on May 28, en route to Liverpool. If you have any information regarding the Hopper brothers email