Rogue dogs savage pet in horror Xmas Day attack

31/12/13- Joshua Thomas with 'Doc', who was attacked by other dogs on Christmas Day.
31/12/13- Joshua Thomas with 'Doc', who was attacked by other dogs on Christmas Day.

A PET greyhound was savagely attacked by two rogue pitbull type dogs as its owner was taking him for a walk on Christmas Day in St Leonards.

Joshua Thomas, 62, was walking his beloved pet Doc in Dane Road around 10am when the two animals appeared from nowhere.

The dogs then attacked Doc who was on a lead. They bit Doc on the legs while terrified Mr Thomas tried to kick them off. He managed to scare them off but as he walked further along towards the corner of Dane Road and Upper Maze Hill the animals returned for a second attack.

This time a woman and a man appeared on the scene, grabbed the animals and put them in a blue car before driving away.

Mr Thomas took Doc to the Greenleaves Veterinary Centre vets in Little Common where an on call vet treated him for several bite wounds which required numerous stitches. He also had to have a tooth removed. The bill came to £400.

Mr Thomas said: “They came out of nowhere and just started tearing Doc up. They had no collars, no identification, nothing and there was no one in charge. I was in a complete state of shock. I just wanted to get Doc home. The second time the whole nightmare started again and they were even more viscious. I was kicking at them to get off him but they were hanging on either side of his coat and I thought this isn’t going to stop. I was shouting for help.

“I don’t know if they’re the owners but they just disappeared in the car. I just wanted to get inside and away from those horrible creatures. What if had been a child or an old person, someone completely helpless. Now I am terrified to take Doc out for walk.”