Quick-thinking boy saves his dad’s life during night

Kelsey, his dad Paul and Lee Oldridge at the ambulance station
Kelsey, his dad Paul and Lee Oldridge at the ambulance station
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A SCHOOLBOY saved his dad’s life after he discovered him collapsed and semi-conscious in the middle of the night.

Kelsey Kent, who is seven, proved himself to be a true hero after racing to his father Paul’s aid when he suffered a diabetic coma.

The St Leonards youngster, who attends Churchwood School, woke up to find 54-year-old Paul motionless and unresponsive on the sofa.

Realising something was wrong he quickly dialled 999 and calmly took instructions from a medical advisor from the other end before paramedics arrived.

Kelsey has now been praised by South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) for his heroism. He, his mum Charlene and Paul, visited Hastings ambulance station on Friday, October 18 where the youngster was presented with a Chief Executive Commendation certificate for his quick thinking and brave actions during the incident, which happened on July 19.

Ferrari sent car-mad Kelsey a baseball cap, signed by Formula One drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, a carbon-fibre Ferrari photo frame and stickers to congratulate him. Lee Oldridge, SECAmb paramedic practitioner, who treated Paul, presented Kelsey with his certificate and gifts and showed him round an ambulance.

Kelsey said: “I woke up in the night and saw my dad was lying on the sofa and he didn’t respond to me. I knew immediately there was something wrong and quickly dialled 999. I kept speaking to the lady on the phone who asked to check his breathing and then I rang the buzzer to open the door and I knew that dad was going to be OK.”

Amanda Wilson, SECAmb emergency medical advisor, who took Kelsey’s call, said: “Kelsey was able to give all the details we needed, including the address. While Lee was on his way, Kelsey stayed on the phone and he was very chatty and kept going back to check on his dad who had remained unresponsive. In all my 20 years of service I don’t think I have ever spoken to a child that was so knowledgeable about what to do. He is a real credit to his parents.”

Lee said: “When I arrived I found Kelsey very calm and helpful in what must have been a distressing situation for him. He did a great job and I’m sure his parents are very proud of him.”

Paul, who has suffered from diabetes for 30 years, said: “Kelsey has learned to recognise when I am not well and even suggests to me to do a blood test when he thinks there is a problem. He knows when the reading is below five I need some sugar! We’re very proud of everything he did.”