Public offered chance to be enlightened about lighting

RESIDENTS of St Leonards are being offered a chance to be enlightened about the changes taking place to the town’s street lighting.

The switchover to modern, energy efficient LED lanterns will be the subject of public exhibitions in the Maze Hill and West St Leonards wards.

The Maze Hill event will be held at the Taplin Centre, in Upper Maze Hill, on Saturday (May 10). The West St Leonards exhibition at West St Leonards Community Centre in Bexhill Road, on Saturday, May 17, from 9am to noon on both days.

Maps showing the changes in Maze Hill and West St Leonards will be on display while members of the county council’s street lighting team will answer questions from the public and listen to people’s observations.

The authority is replacing around 5,500 old orange and yellow street lights in the town with energy-saving white LED lights.

The change is part of the council’s drive to reduce its energy budget for the whole of East Sussex by £885,000 over the next three years and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 2,800 tonnes.