Project to improve water quality starts

A MAJOR project to improve the quality of the water that flows out to sea got under way in Alexandra Park on Friday (June 20).

Work at the top catchment pond at Buckshole will involve clearing vegetation and spreading silt to make a series of silt traps.

The idea is to allow the water to spread evenly across the area and thereby reducing its silt content and bacteria that may be carried by the silt.

Hastings Borough Council and the Environment Agency (EA) are funding the works, aimed at improving the bathing water quality at Pelham Beach.

Over the summer aquatic plants will be established in parts of the stream to help trap silt and increase the biodiversity of the waterway. Stream side vegetation will be cleared to increase the sunlight in the stream and reeds and wetland vegetation will be increased in the ponds in the lower park.

The council and the EA are also starting a new phase of work to make sure that household drains are connected properly.

Councillor Dawn Poole, lead member for leisure and amenities, said: “Water that runs off gardens, roads and houses around Alexandra Park all ends up in the park stream which then flows directly into the sea. By improving the quality of water in Alexandra Park we can help improve the quality of the water that ends up at the beach.

“We have to meet tougher targets for measuring bathing water quality next year so by working hard with our partners, the Environment Agency and our grounds maintenance contractors and The Landscape Group to make improvements is great news for everyone that uses the beach.”