Candidate Profile: Amber Rudd, Conservative

Amber Rudd, Conservative

Amber Rudd lives in Hastings with her two teenage children and, regardless of the outcome of the election, she intends to stay here and work towards making Hastings a better place to bring up her family.

Amber earns her living as a recruitment consultant and financial journalist and her expertise has convinced her that: "we all benefit from having a healthy business sector because, not only do local businesses provide employment for local people, they also provide the money – both directly and indirectly - that pays for our vital public services."

Since making her home in Hastings, Amber has become a committed local activist, focusing her energies mainly on education and health. "I've spent quite a lot of time helping out in local schools and hospitals," she explained, " and I've fought hard to keep our local NHS services and persuade Central Government to give more freedom to teachers so they can do their job."

Her three main priorities are:

1. Putting an end to Hastings as the 'sick man of East Sussex' by encouraging long- term job creation. Local unemployment is over twice the regional average and Hastings' workers are paid around 150 per week less than elsewhere. We desperately need to encourage local enterprise, as well as improving our transport links and providing targeted incentives that will attract new companies to the town.

2. I'll fight to stop any more cuts to services at the Conquest and replace the cult of red tape and managers with more front-line staff and better patient support.

3. Improving the education system is also essential if we are going to equip our young people with the knowledge and skills they'll need to succeed. It's vital that we create an environment where teachers are free to teach.