Pensioners’ fury over ‘disgusting’ state of path

ANGRY pensioners are demanding East Sussex County Council repair a well-used footpath in St Leonards before someone gets hurt.

Residents of Beaufort Court say they have complained to the council about the poor state of the footpath in Beaufort Road to no avail.

Ernie Ballard, 77, of Beaufort Court, said: “There are people with mobility problems here, people in wheelchairs that don’t want to use the path. The roots of the trees are pushing it up, six inches in some places, and something needs to be done before someone is injured.”

Another resident, Iris Millar, 86, told the Observer: “The state of the road is absolutely disgusting. It’s all elderly folk around here and as you can imagine they are not so steady on their feet.”

Roger Williams, East Sussex County Council head of highways, said: “We are aware of the issues which have been raised by residents in Beaufort Road and we will be sending our highways steward to inspect the road and the footpath. While we do have limited resources, the safety of road users and pedestrians is our first priority and we will look at the issues raised and the findings of the steward’s report to examine what we can do to improve conditions along this section of road.”