Taking measures to keep the poorer members of the community safer in their homes

The Grenfell Tower fire was a tragedy, but it was avoidable. There seems to be no doubt that flammable plastic cladding allowed the fire to spread up the outside of the building. The public enquiry will reveal more, but that will take months. So we must do what we can now to make sure everyone living in rented accommodation in Hastings is not exposed to the same risks that led to such tragic consequences in Kensington.

Dr Rob Marshall

Getting together has never been so important.

So now we know! Brighton kick off their first ever Premier League campaign with a home game against Pep's Manchester City. What a day that will be!
From House to Home with Amber Rudd MP SUS-160526-130924001

When horror strikes, remember the helpers

It is difficult to take in the full horror of the tragedy which took place at Grenfell Tower last week. Every memory of survivors or emergency responders adds harrowing new details to this truly awful event. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost friends, loved ones and all they own.

etc Columnist - Louise Margaret

etc Columnist - Louise Margaret

Louise Margaret on the tricks she uses to make household chores more bearable

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Sussex PCC Katy Bourne

Sussex PCC's video log: Top ten tips for keeping safe from fraudsters

"In the UK, our population is ageing; the proportion of those aged over 65 has never been greater.

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etc Columnist - Alexia Rowley

Alexia Rowley on how to cope with being appraised by a child.

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The Borough Leader with Cllr Peter Chowney

Hoping austerity will be cut back

After the general election campaign, it’s time to settle back to being council leader. It was a close run contest, and I’d like to thank the 25,322 people who voted for me, and the 2,000+ who helped with the campaign, as well as congratulating Amber Rudd on her victory.

Cllr Rob Lee with residents on Upper Maze Hill protesting the now withdrawn Park Beck application. SUS-171206-113104001

Planning to keep conservation areas beautiful

Firstly, many congratulations to Amber Rudd who has been re-elected as our MP, although the result was close it did see Amber gain her highest amount of votes ever.

Fresh Start Portslade was funded by the Young Peoples Fund earlier this year. The group renovated an old public loo in Easthill Park, Portslade and it is now a busy caf where apprentices like Crystal (pictured here) can gain work experience and accredited training.

Applications invited to young people's funds

Being a young person in 2017 is not plain-sailing.


etc columnist: Louise Margaret

Happy birthday to me...

Life on Tapp with Blaise Tapp SUS-160516-112125001

What this election needs is a face off

We are four weeks into a seemingly never ending General Election campaign, one which is only creating excitement among avid players of political bingo.

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Archbishops Justin Welby and John Sentamu

A constructive and courteous debate

Last week I was in London for a low-level meeting on Education and was invited to attend the ceremony in the House of Lords in which Parliament is prorogued, prior to the General Election.


£5,000 to help therapeutic horsemanship programme

In Sussex, our love of horses goes back a very long way.

Caroline Ansell with the Prime Minister

An honour and a privilege to have the Prime Minister visit Eastbourne

It was an honour and privilege to have the Prime Minister visit Eastbourne yesterday while on the local election campaign trail.

Some of the rescued ducklings

Busy week with sick, injured and orphaned wild animals

Our Orphan Rooms are very busy at the moment with sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds coming in every day in need of care and attention.

Life on Tapp with Blaise Tapp SUS-160516-112125001

My shelf life as a DIY alpha male

Now that the warm (er) weather is threatening to show its face, plenty of Britons are rolling up their sleeves to do what they do best - DIY.

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Reverend Thomas Robson

The gift of time

‘Bank holiday.’ Sometimes these can be two of the sweetest words in the English language.
From House to Home with Amber Rudd MP SUS-160526-130924001

Taking on crime - at home and abroad

It was a fantastic honour to be appointed Home Secretary last year. My first duty in this role, and the priority of any government, is to ensure the security of our country and the safety of everyone living here.

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Katy Bourne

Sussex PCC's video log: National Stalking Awareness Week 2017

To mark National Stalking Awareness Week 2017, PCC Katy Bourne explains why it's so important to support the week, and what's being done in Sussex to help victims of this crime.

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The tablet wine list at the restaurant

A wine list for the 21st Century

There are wine lists and then there are wine lists.

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