Train delay snow problem for betting punter

Roland Orchard
Roland Orchard

SNOW has been playing havoc with public transport recently - but one train passenger was not complaining.

Roland Orchard scooped £5,050 after waging £50 at odds of 100-1 that a 50-year-old train he had chartered would run late as a result of bad weather.

Mr Orchard, of Helsman Rise in St Leonards, booked the 1957 Olympia Express to ferry a non-profit train preservation group up to the Olympia Horse Show in Kensington.

But, because no insurance firm would offer him a deal to safeguard against delays, the 31-year-old turned to the bookies.

He said: “No insurance company was willing to cover the cost of the journey and tickets to the show.

“A disruption to our journey would have left us and the train preservation group severely out of pocket and William Hills’ involvement has really allowed this journey to take place,”

The train arrived eight minutes early into Olympia, but there were severe delays on the return leg, so the betting firm stumped up the cash - which will now go to charity.

William spokesman Joe Crilly said the firm was happy for Mr Orchard, despite losing the cash: “It is absolutely fantastic that we can pay out and that Mr Orchard is going to give his winnings to charity.”

And Mr Crilly, who joined the journey added: “Being on the train was like travelling through a winter wonderland.”