OAPs stuck at home for weeks due to faulty lift

SCORES of elderly and frail residents have been trapped in their flats for three weeks because of a broken lift.

People in Royal Terrace in Terrace Road, St Leonards, said they have been unable to leave as many who find it hard to walk without an aid have to brave several flights to stairs to get to one of the two other working lifts.

Leonard Yates, 79, who lives on the ninth floor, said the affected lift broke down on May 12.

He said: “For many people, if they want to go out, they have to use several flights of stairs to use the two other working lifts. Many are in electric chairs and have to use Zimmer frames.

“One lady has had to cancel three hospital appointments and has not left her flat since the lift broke. Two other residents are in their mid-90s.

“There are 154 flats in total in Royal Terrace and almost 200 people live here. Most of the flats are affected.

“We can accept the lift being broken for one or two days, as it has been in the past, but three weeks is out of order.”

Royal Terrace is managed by AmicusHorizon.

A spokesman for the housing association said: “On inspection the contractors found the lift needed specialist parts, which are now obsolete. We will replace the lift as it is not repairable.

“We understand the disruption and inconvenience to residents at this time and have offered all of them support while the lift is out of use and contacted the next of kin of our most vulnerable residents to make them aware.

“Our housing officers are on hand to help with daily tasks like shopping and prescription pick ups.

“All residents have access to two working lifts in the block, but there are some who still need to use stairs to get to their homes. The emergency services are also aware of the situation. We will keep residents informed while we source and replace the lift in the east block.”

AmicusHorizon said it was unable to say exactly when the lift would be replaced.