Mediation an alternative to court battle

PUBLIC funding is to be withdrawn for solicitors to go to court in the majority of family cases, however it will continue to be available for mediation.

Mediation East Sussex is the newly launched service for family mediation covering Hastings and St Leonards, and the surrounding areas.

Mediation provides a neutral venue where people can sit together with an impartial third party and decide how their own and their children’s lives will be in the future. It is a co-operative process which, unlike the legal and court route, does not focus on the negatives, but rather gets clients to think about what will work in future.

“It needn’t cost thousands of pounds,” said Nicola Hawkins, manager of Mediation East Sussex. Government funding to solicitors for family matters is going to be removed from April in the majority of cases. There are a range of alternatives for clients for making amicable future arrangements for their children and/or equitable division of their assets. There is a need for the public to be aware of this.”