Making a splash for cash

Sean Collins, Dan Harlott and Paul Harris
Sean Collins, Dan Harlott and Paul Harris

A pair of charity champions swam 12 miles across Lake Windermere to raise money for sick and disabled children.

Paul Harris, founder and chairman of Charity for Kids, and Sean Collins, took on the 10-mile-long length of the lake in Cumbria last weekend.

The pair recently completed a three-man relay swim across the English Channel in aid of Charity for Kids at the beginning of this month, raising more than £2,500.

Paul and Sean undertook the 10-mile swim from Fell Foot Park at the southern end of Lake Windermere to Waterhead at the northern end. It took them five hours and 32 minutes in total, dodging yachts, ferries and pleasure crafts along the way.

The pair were supported during their swim by Team GB triathlete Dan Harlott, who is currently in training for the European Championships in October.

Dan navigated the team from their support boat and kept them motivated and supplied the duo with nutrition throughout the day.

Paul said: “Lake Windermere was a personal challenge for me as I have never swum further than five miles non-stop before. The swim started off in overcast conditions and ended with rain and strong winds. By mile eight I was feeling the cold, however what kept me motivated was knowing we were catching up with a group of swimmers who set off an hour before we started.

“Lake Windermere is a beautiful part of the UK and both Sean and I will be going back again next year but next time we will take our families with us. On a personal note I would like to thank Sean’s Swim School for raising funds in aid of Charity for Kids, but also for teaching me to swim, as three years ago I would not have even thought this would have been possible.”

Paul and Sean are undertaking the Maxifuel Big South Swim 10K Challenge, on Saturday, September 7 in Maidenhead.