Victorian anchor discovered on beach

The washed up anchor. Picture by Ion Castro

The washed up anchor. Picture by Ion Castro

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A COMBINATION of recent storms and the longest tides of the year has revealed a long-lost ‘pulling off anchor’ in the rocks in front of the former slipway by the Queens Hotel. The area of beach has been covered by a sandbank for generations and has only just become visible.

The anchor was probably used to ‘pull off’ the colliers who delivered coal by sea right up to the 1890s. These boats were run ashore at high tide and unloaded into carts and then refloated on the next high tide. To help with the refloating an anchor was permanently located in the beach, and the boats would use their own, onboard capstan with a cable or chain attached to the anchor to pull the boat back out to sea to refloat it. Historian Ion Castro said: “I don’t think that many people were aware of the existence of this anchor, I certainly wasn’t, and to see it so clearly and in such incredibly good condition.” Photo: Ion Castro.

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