Tiny youngsters who never grow up

One of the creatures

One of the creatures

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AQUARISTS at Hastings Blue Reef Aquarium are looking after a sextet of babies that will never grow up.

The tiny youngsters, which are just six weeks old, are a bizarre type of Mexican salamander known as an axolotl and were donated to the aquarium by a member of the public. The creatures have recently been classified as ‘critically endangered’ where they are only found in the ancient water systems around Mexico City. Adam Stockley, from Blue Reef, said: “Axolotls are the larval form of the Mexican salamander. Just like other salamanders they start life as an egg which then develops into a tadpole with external gills and eventually legs. However unlike other amphibians which go on to develop lungs and move out of the water onto land, the axolotl chooses to remain in its juvenile form.”

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