Thieves steal wishing well money

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Thieves vandalised the wishing well in the Old Town during the weekend, stealing all of the cash left by generous members of the public for charity.

The well, in Rock-a-Nore Road, is owned by Hastings Rotary Club and used by the Winkle Club.

It was last vandalised in January 2011.

Richard Stevens, vice-chairman of the Winkle Club, said: “The thieves must have been very determined this time because the welded access plate had been removed completely. All the coinage has gone and that must have been quite a heavy haul to take away. It is sickening because all the money collected goes to good local causes and the Wishing Well is a jointly run project between the Winkle and the Rotary Club. People who do this sort of thing are the lowest of the low.”


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