Dirty mattress is dumped outside pensioners’ house

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A RETIRED couple are fuming after a dirty, blood-soaked mattress was dumped outside their house and the council initially refused to take it away.

Colin Stunt, 77, and his 79-year-old wife Heather, of Upper Glen Road, St Leonards, claimed they were told they would be fined for fly tipping if they left it.

They discovered the discarded item on the pavement on Tuesday afternoon (June 2) on the pavement.

Mrs Stunt said she phoned the authority, asking for the mattress to be collected but claimed Hastings Borough Council (HBC) refused.

She said: “It’s senseless. No one seems to have any initiative and care. It’s fly tipping and we don’t want other people’s rubbish.

“It was left on the pavement. A lot of people walk down this road so it could have been a hazard.

“I phoned the council, asking it to take the mattress away but it refused.

“I was told it was now mine as my husband had dragged it off the street and put it in our driveway. I said we might as well put it back where it was found but was told I’d be fined for fly tipping.

“It’s bureaucracy gone mad.”

After the Observer contacted HBC, Kevin Boorman, its spokesman, said the authority is investigating and intended to send over officers from environmental health to remove the mattress.




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