Lifeboat crews come to assist stricken cruiser

Hastings RNLI lifeboat approaching the casualty. Picture by RNLI
Hastings RNLI lifeboat approaching the casualty. Picture by RNLI

LIFEBOAT crews from Hastings RNLI went to the rescue of a stricken motor cruiser on Sunday evening (April 27).

The vessel, which had one person and a dog on board, was on its way to neighbouring Eastbourne when the skipper realised that he did not have enough fuel on board in order to complete the journey.

He called for assistance and the lifeboat was launched from its Rock-a-Nore base at around 6.30pm on Sunday.

Within 15 minutes crews reached the cruiser, which was approximately two miles south of Hastings Pier.

It was later discovered by RNLI crews that the boat was only operating on one engine due to the lack of fuel.

A tow was therefore set up with the lifeboat and the cruiser was taken to Sovereign Harbour in Eastbourne.

The tow meant that the vessel then had enough fuel to get into the harbour under its own steam.

Martin Phillips, the lifeboat’s coxswain, said: “It was a straightforward incident for us.

“The casualty had the presence of mind to contact the Coastguard in good time.

“That meant he could be quickly reached and rescued by the lifeboat’s volunteer crew.”