Learn how to be an aquarist at Blue Reef’s Fish Keepers event

MARINE experts at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings are holding a fish keepers event for budding home aquarists this weekend.

Staff will be giving visitors advice, information and tips on keeping native and exotic marine life at home.

The Blue Reef team will be joined by staff from local aquatic retailer Maidenhead Aquatics who will be sharing their expert experience and illustrating how to ensure the long-term health and welfare of marine life in aquariums.

Subjects covered will include fish compatibility and responsible pet ownership, maintaining a healthy aquarium and the latest in new technology. Free step-by-step aquarium guides will also be available.

As part of the event, aquarists will also be raising awareness of the Big Fish Survey; a study being undertaken by aquariums across Britain to record the number of unwanted fish species that are dumped each year after outgrowing their tanks.

Among the most common fish to end up homeless are pacu, piranha and the common plecostomus which are often purchased by fish keepers who do not realise they will be unable to accommodate them when fully grown.

Blue Reef’s Rob Gasson said: “Home aquariums provide hours of fun and enjoyment but the more you understand the creatures you are keeping, their needs and habits the more you will be able to enjoy them.

“The workshop allows us to communicate some of the key welfare and responsibility issues involved in keeping fish – especially problems with keeping potentially giant-sized fish as pets.

“Whether you’ve been keeping fish for years or are simply thinking about starting the hobby, we’re hoping this weekend will provide the perfect opportunity to have all your questions answered by our experts.

“Aquariums are also a wonderful way to study the amazing richness and diversity of life to be found in the world’s rivers and oceans while learning more about the environment.”

Fish Keepers Weekend is on at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Hastings tomorrow (Saturday), and Sunday (June 8). For more information contact the aquarium on 01424 718776.