International Chess Congress results

Masters Winner Yue Wang with Golombek Trophy presented by Amber Rudd and Maureen Charlesworth
Masters Winner Yue Wang with Golombek Trophy presented by Amber Rudd and Maureen Charlesworth

MORE than 400 players took part in this year’s International Chess Congress, which has come to an end after hundreds of hotly contested games.

The event, held at Horntye Park Sports Complex, and in its 87th year, attracted entrants from more than 20 countries.

Players included 13 Grandmasters and Indian Woman Grandmaster, Padmini Rout.

The Masters Tournament, which ended last Thursday (January 5) was won by the Chinese grandmaster Yue Wang with 7.5 points out of 9.

He won £2,000 and holds the Golombek Trophy for one year.

In joint second place were Indian International Masters Shyam Sundar and Lalith Babu and Grandmaster Andrei Istratescu of France with 7 out of 9 points. They won £816.67 each.

The presentations were made by Hastings MP Amber Rudd and Maureen Charlesworth, former Mayor of Hastings and member of Hastings Congress Committee.

Cllr Charlesworth also presented a trophy for best performance by a local player, won by Marc Bryant.

Horntye Park’s prize of £100 for the best game’ was shared by Simon Williams and Sam Franklin. Alan Hustwayte also presented a prize for best performance against rating to Czech player, Karolina Olsarova.

Live commentary on the top games in the Masters Tournament was given daily by English grandmaster Chris Ward and also broadcast on the congress website.

Up to 20 games were also transmitted live on the website via electronic boards. This year Twitter was introduced and the congress was also linked to the Times Chess column Twitter page.

The congress was once again sponsored by Hastings Borough Council. Additional support came from the White Rock Hotel, The Lansdowne Hotel, Orion Energy, Pig in Paradise, KC Computers and Deutsch UK.



Masters Tournament

1. GM Yue WANG (CHN) 7.5 points, £2,000

2. IM Shyam SUNDAR (IND) 7, £816.67

IM Babu LALITH (IND) 7, £816.67

GM Andrei ISTRATESCU (FRA) 7, £816.67

5. GM Yuri VOVK (UKR) 6.5, £266.67

GM Deep SENGUPTA (IND) 6.5, £266.67

IM Arghyadip DAS (IND) 6.5, £266.67

Highest Female Player

WGM Padmini ROUT (IND) 6/9, £200

Highest non IM/GM Padmini ROUT (IND) 6, £200

29th Hastings Weekend Congress


1. Paul BATCHELOR (Brighton) 4/5, £250

Jeffrey BOARDMAN (Haywards Heath) £250

3. Dave FAULKNER (Welwyn-Hatfield) 3.5

Charles MCALEENAN (Athenaeum)

Conor MURPHY (Charlton)

Grading Prize: David FOWLER (Southampton University)


1. Russell GOODFELLOW (Tunbridge Wells) 4.5/5

2. Duncan BADHAM(Brighton) 4. Charles COSTELOE (Muswell Hill)

Ted WICKMAN (Weald of Kent)

Grading Prize:

Tony BRYNNERSLEY (W London) 3

Timothy CROUCH (Kings Head)

Anthony ROBERTS (Wallasey)


1. Caroline ROBSON (Enfield) 4.5

2. Koby KALAVANNAN (Surbiton) 4

3. Paul BUSWELL (Hastings) 3.5

Grading Prize: Lee BULLOCK (Coulsdon) 3

Donald CREASEY (Maidstone)

Chris FRASER (Nottingham)

Christmas Tournament ‘A’ Section

1. Christopher HOWELL (Redhill) 4/5, £97.50

Andrej VOSPERNIK (Slovenia) £97.50

3. Allan PLEASANTS (Weymouth) 3.5/4, £25

Victor RUMSEY (Folkestone) £30 including

U160 Grading Prize:

Thomas STONEHOUSE (Rainham) 3/5, £25

Christmas Tournament ‘B’ Section

1. Marc BRYANT (Hastings) 4.5/5, £120

2. Tom RIXON (Hemel Hempstead) 4/5, £75

3. Gary HOPE (South Birmingham) 3.5/5, £50

U 145 Grading Prize

Joshua PINK (Colwyn Bay) 3/5, £15

Reinhard SCHMERWITZ (Germany) 3/5, £15

Christmas Tournament ‘C’ Section

1. Michael GUNN (Guildford) 4.5/5, £120

2. Alicia MASON (Surbiton) 4, £75

3. Timothy CROUCH (Kings Head) 3.5, £25

John MOORE (Eastbourne) £25

U133 Grading Prize:

Timothy Allen, 3, £30

Christmas Tournament ‘D’ Section

1. David EVERITT (Haywards Heath) 4.5/5, £120

2. Helen EVANS (Ilford) 4/5, £62.50

Caroline ROBSON (Enfield) £62.50

U100 Grading Prize:

Stephen OAKMAN (Hastings) 2.5, £15

Robert SMART (Hastings and St Leonards) £15

New Year Morning Tournament

Section A

1. Francis RAYNER (Hastings) 3.5/4

2. Jorgen BRUSTKERN (Sweden) 3

Andrew FLEMING (Bexhill)

Russell GOODFELLOW (Tunbridge Wells)

Christopher LOWE (Brighton)

Mel YOUNG (Hastings)

Grading Prize

David OPENSHAW (Cavendish) 2.5

Peter WOOD (Hastings)

Section B

1. Daniel GIBBS (Ilford) 3.4/4

2. Matthew WILSON (Leics) 3

3. Jeff FLEISCHER (Coulsdon) 2.5

David GUTTRIDGE (Yarmouth)

Robert WALLACE (Melton Mowbray)

Grading Prize:

Raymond SAYER (Ashfield) 2.5

Section C

1. Caroline ROBSON (Enfield) 3.5/4

2. Guy BAKER (Herne Bay) 3

Lee BULLOCK (Coulsdon)

Jim O’Grady (Newton Abbot)

Gary WILLSON (Hastings)

Grading Prize

Alfred MIKURENDA (Hastings) 2.5

Robert SMART (Hastings and St Leonards)

Fide Rate Blitz Results

Champions Section:

1. Mark HEBDEN (Leics) 7.5/10

2. Keith ARKELL, 7

Premier League:

1. Jack RUDD, 7.5

2. David HAYDON, Stig Martinsen, 7

Division 1:

1. Jurgen BRUSTKERN (SWE) 7.5

2. Alexander Longson, Petr Marusenko (UKR) 7

Division 2:

1. Malcolm Armstrong (Stoke-on-Trent) 6

2. John Sargent, Anthony Bourached, 5.5

Division 3:

1. Ali January (Dukinfiel) 7.5

2. Hamish Olson, 7

Full details and photographs of the events can be found on the website, or contact Pam Thomas or on 01424 445348.