Husband says wife had no physio despite NHS claims

Michael and Hazel Axworthy. SUS-140807-120204001
Michael and Hazel Axworthy. SUS-140807-120204001

A husband is insisting that his wife, who has remained bed-ridden for nearly two years following a stroke, has received no physiotherapy from East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust despite the trust’s claims to the contrary.

Hazel Axworthy, 75, of Oak Tree Mews, Hastings, was left paralysed down her left side after suffering a stroke in 2013.

Her husband Michael, 76, is insistent that his wife’s mobility would be much improved if she was receiving physiotherapy and that no such service has been provided.

Michael, Hazel’s main carer, says he has been doing his own exercises with her since December 2012 and that although some mobility has been regained, including being able to raise her right leg, Hazel needs professional help.

He said: “Nothing has changed, we’re in exactly the same boat we were in two years ago.

“When she had the stroke they told me not to hold out any hope. They sent her home and they thought she was going to die.

“But she didn’t die, I wouldn’t let her die.

“We got her back mentally and we got her back physically but we need help and no one seems to be doing anything to help Hazel get out of bed.

“She is a marvellous woman and there’s really not many people who could have gone through what Hazel’s gone through and still have a great sense of humour.

“I see it that she wants to get out of bed but I can’t help her and it makes me want to cry sometimes.

“But we’ve got some great carers from SOS, we like to thank them and our friend Margaret Trowell who has been supporting us to fight our case.”

However, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust stated that Hazel received physiotherapy in 2013.

Abigail Turner, head of allied health professions, said: “Mrs Axworthy received physiotherapy from May to October 2013 and reached her goals for rehabilitation at that time.

“As a result she was discharged from the physiotherapy service.

“Due to the nature of Mrs Axworthy’s condition she does not require physiotherapy at this present time.

“She has been referred to an orthopaedic consultant. The consultation has taken place and no further physiotherapy is considered appropriate.”