Hospital introduces extra training for staff in caring for dementia patients

HOSPITAL staff at the Conquest are being given extra training to help dementia patients.

The trust, which runs the hospital on The Ridge, is also introducing specialists in dementia care and appointing ‘dementia champions’ in every ward and department.

These ‘champions’ are members of staff who gain special training to build knowledge and skills to equip them to care for people with dementia. They then teach these skills to their colleagues.

Staff workshops are now being run bi-monthly, where previously it was twice a year, and a longer course of teaching is being delivered by a dementia specialist, who is an academic professor, and the dementia care pathway lead, Elaine Pakdaman.

She said: “This is all part of intensive multi-professional work being undertaken to improve the service and care we provide. We know that by keeping people with dementia in hospital for longer than necessary, we can do more harm than good.

Once recovered clinically, they are more disorientated with light, noise and unfamiliar people and processes.

However, with coordinated working between the patient, carers, families and statutory agencies we can, and will, improve the care we give in hospital and support their safe discharge home.”