Hastings UFO researcher off to USA to speak at conference

A UFO expert from Hastings is flying to the USA on Friday to speak at a conference about the paranormal.

Malcolm Robinson, who works in the advertising department of the Observer, will be talking about three of Scotland's most famous ever UFO incidents at the annual International UFO Congress in Nevada.

The Scot has become a highly respected authority in the weird and wonderful world of the paranormal and said he was invited to speak at this year's conference.

He said: "I am the very first Scotsman to be speaking on US soil about UFOs in Scotland and am looking forward to what is going to be the trip of a lifetime. I'll also be doing three radio shows.

"The trip is not just about me speaking at the conference. It's also about mixing with some of the top UFOlogists in the world. More great stories are heard in the bar after the day's lectures rather than in the talks themselves."

Mr Robinson will be discussing his research into the Livingston, the A70 UFO and Fife UFO cases at the event in Laughlin, Nevada.

The Livingston Incident involved forestry worker Robert Taylor in November 1979.

He claimed to have seen a grey, globular object in front of him and as he looked at it two small spheres, similar to old-style water mines, appeared.

They scooted along the ground towards him and when they reached him, small spikes came out jamming into the legs of his trousers.

As he struggled fiercely they began dragging him back towards the larger craft. He heard a hissing sound, felt a pungent odour and lost consciousness.

The A70 case involved the alleged alien abduction of two men in August 1992 as they were driving from Edinburgh.

The Fife incident happened in September 1996 and involved a family of four claiming that they saw a number of grey creatures.

Mr Robinson has been an official paranormal researcher since 1979 when he became interested in the Livingston case.

He also appeared on a television show about the unexplained called Now That's Weird on Sky last November where he talked about his life's work.

The alien enthusiast is a regular on the paranormal lecture circuit and has even been hired by Hollywood legend Steven Spielberg to help look for the Loch Ness Monster.

Mr Robinson said: "I was always interested in these things as a young boy and at first though it was utter nonsense. So I decided to set out on a crusade to find out for myself.

"There is a lot of false stuff out there but in the main there is no denying that there is a hell of a lot of paranormal events which defy explanation.

"Just because something looks ridiculous does not mean it is necessarily so. I am firmly convinced that we are dealing with some sort of non-human intelligence. It's probably been with us for centuries.

"I am now a believer only because I have spoken to a a lot of people and others in power."

To read more about Mr Robinson's research online log onto www.myspace.com/malcolmrobinsonresearcher.