Hastings teen joins Mensa at 13

Jack Kennedy has just passed test to join MENSA
Jack Kennedy has just passed test to join MENSA

THE sky is the limit for one teenager who has been welcomed into an organisation for the UK’s brightest minds.

Jack Kennedy, 13, of Rock Lane, is Hastings’ newest member of Mensa, a society open to those with an IQ in the top two per cent of the population.

Jack, who attends The Hastings Academy, sat half a day of tests after deciding to apply.

He scored an IQ of 139 on the Cattell III B test and 134 on the Cattell Culure Fair III A test, compared to an average score of 100. Jack’s mother Joan Kennedy said that he had remarked that it was one of the hardest tests he had ever taken.

She added: “He was really excited when he found out he’d been accepted; it gives you a whole new community.

“He will be able to find some like-minded students who want to do more of the things that he likes.”

The Ore teenager, who attends Hastings Stage Studio, has a wide range of interests including art, drama, and reading, and hopes to be a forensic scientist in the future.

Jack is already coming up with ways to save money for university, and Mrs Kennedy is confident that he will be successful in the future.

“He has got lots of big plans, he’ll be up there with the entrepreneurs,” she said.

There are currently 36 members of Mensa in the Hastings and St Leonards area, and a total of 2,303 in the south east, not including London.