Hastings has fewest retired people in Sussex

FEWER people living in Hastings are retired than any other area of East Sussex.

Statistics released earlier this week reveal 15,401 people in the town are retired out of a county-wide total of 119,763.

That works out at just 17.1 per cent of Hastings’ population of 90,254 and only Brighton and Hove have a lower per cent at 13.1. However, because of the city’s far larger population (273,369) that still means 35,692 living there are retired.

Hastings’ near neighbour Rother, which includes the town of Bexhill, boasted the highest level of retirement of all East Sussex towns – and the fourth highest in the entire UK.

Of its 90,588 total population, 28.4 per cent, or 25,763, had retired from work. The rate is concerned with retirement rather than unemployment, in which Hastings polls far higher.

In fact, around one in four homes in Hastings are estimated to not house a single person in work – making it the worst town in the entire south of England and seventh worst nationally for that category.

The East Sussex average for retirement rates was 22.7 per cent, or 119,763 from a total population of 526,671.

Lewes also polled 22.7 per cent (22,154 from 97,502) while Eastbourne, traditionally known as a blue rinse heavy holiday resort, recorded 22.4 per cent (22,303 from 99,412).

Elsewhere the Wealden area of the county registered a 22.9 per cent retirement rate, or 34,142 people from a total population of 148,915.