Firm’s drive to get people to catch the bus

A BUS company is joining forces with a sustainable transport group to promote the benefits of bus use through the second annual Catch the Bus Week.

Stagecoach and Greener Journeys is running the event, which started on Monday (April 28) to Sunday (May 4) and aims to encourage people to ditch their cars in favour of taking the bus.

Throughout the week the firm has been highlighting the health, environmental and financial benefits of using the bus more often.

Stagecoach in Hastings is also running promotional activities across the area to encourage people to give the bus a try. These include a Golden Ticket competition where one lucky passenger will win a year’s free travel if they find the golden ticket which has been placed on one of the Hastings Arrows buses, as well as a Face of Catch the Bus Week competition where people can send in their own stories about why the bus is important to them. Philip Norwell, managing director of Stagecoach in East Sussex, said: “Catch the Bus Week is a great example of how the industry can work together to encourage greater use of sustainable travel.” To find out more visit