Faster internet speeds in six months

HOMES in 1066 Country and the surrounding area could benefit from faster internet speeds within the next six months.

East Sussex County Council unveiled it e-Sussex project last week after the local authority signed a multi-million pound deal with BT to provide better broadband to homes in the county.

Work has already started elsewhere in East Sussex.

Surveys are being carried out in several local towns and villages and the first major part of the new network is now being installed - with further work to come.

Cllr Rupert Simmons, the county council’s lead member for economy, said: “This is one of the top economic development projects for this authority and we are delighted that work on the ground has well and truly started.

“Residents and businesses in the county are now a step closer to our vision of a fully connected county.”

Peter Cowen, BT’s regional partnership director, said: “This is great news for East Sussex.

“Fibre broadband opens new horizons and helps us to be more efficient, keeping us in touch with vital services and boosting the local economy.”