Elphinstone School becomes academy

A THIRD primary school in Hastings has become an academy.

Elphinstone Primary joined the Hastings Academies Trust last Wednesday (January 1), meaning the school’s name has now changed to The Baird Primary Academy, in honour of John Logie Baird who first conceived the concept of television.

It joins two other Hastings schools which became academies last November, namely West St Leonards Primary Academy and Dudley Infant Academy.

Tsai Tenn, principal, said: “The most important priority for the school is to improve our children’s learning. I believe that by working with the University of Brighton and our other sponsors, we will be able to draw on their support to do this. We are especially looking forward to working with the university’s School of Education which has been judged by Ofsted to be outstanding. This is big step for the school and I am delighted to be joining the trust. Exciting times lie ahead.”

The University of Brighton is lead sponsor of all three academies. Professor Julian Crampton, vice-chancellor, said: “We are delighted to welcome the new primary academy into the trust. Like West St Leonards and Dudley, this is already a successful school but by becoming an academy we intend building on its strengths by providing opportunities for sharing good practice and working together to make further improvements to children’s educational achievements.”

Julian Davies, chairman of governors, said: “We are thrilled that the Minister has now approved our application to be sponsored by the Hastings Academies Trust. The university, as lead sponsor, has much to offer us – it is committed to supporting Hastings and has a growing campus in the town, and supports two secondary academies and two primary academies.

“By working with the university, the Baird Academy will seek to ensure that each and every child receives the high standard of education that our children are entitled to.”