Drivers offered free safety course

New drivers are invited to learn the importance of taking care on the roads at a special safety event.

Driving simulators, hazard perception tests and seatbelt impact demonstrations will be used at the New Drivers Road Safety Event at Ravenside in Bexhill on Friday, July 18 to highlight the need to drive safely.

Drivers unsure of the affect alcohol has on their reactions can also don a pair of ‘beer goggles’ and get behind the wheel of a simulator machine.The event, which runs from 6pm to 9pm, has been organised by the Safer Rother Roads Group, a multi-partnership organisation involving Sussex Police, East Sussex County Council, the fire and rescue service and Rother District Council, among others.

East Sussex County Council’s road safety team will be using the event to promote a New Driver Awareness Course, which explores advanced driving techniques including hazard perception, defensive driving skills as well as drivers’ responsibility and the Law. These courses are run by the Road Safety Team from various locations across the county including in secondary schools. To find out more visit