Drive for share of pot for potholes

HASTINGS MP Amber Rudd is pushing the government for a share of almost £140 million for council repairs to pot holes.

The Government has announced the cash will be made available following the atrocious winter weather which has disintegrated roads across the region.

Transport Secretary, Patrick McLoughlin, said that following the damage done during one of the worst winters on record, support for councils to fix the roads most damaged by severe weather will be increased by £36.5 million, to £80 million.

On top of this, following the exceptionally severe weather of recent months, an extra £103.5 million is also being made available to all councils across England.

This additional money will be allocated on a formula basis, and will be distributed to the majority of councils in England by the end of this week, to ensure that they can make use of it as soon as possible and complete works before the summer holidays.

Ms Rudd said: “This announcement is great news and the extra money will make a real difference in bringing about smoother, safer and more reliable journeys for residents, whether they are travelling to work or taking the children to school.”

In order to qualify for extra funding, local authorities will be required to publish information on their websites by the end of August 2014 showing where this money has been spent. For more information visit: