Council leader against nuclear bunker proposal

COUNCIL leader Jeremy Birch has hit out at a proposal to build a nuclear waste bunker in the Romney Marsh area.

The Government is looking at a range of options for managing nuclear waste and a facility deep underground is the preference. Romney Marsh has been put forward as a possible location and Shepway District Council is considering the proposal.

The Romney Marsh Nuclear Research and Disposal Facility would be buried 200m (650ft) to 1,000m (3,300ft) below ground.

Cllr Birch said: “While this may not be in Hastings we would be living cheek by jowl with it for centuries if it ever went ahead. We are trying to promote Hastings and its surrounding area as a cultural destination, somewhere aiming at higher quality tourism, a town with quality business space available and a home for high tech businesses. A plan for a nuclear dump next door is exactly what we don’t want.

“Most nuclear facilities will be a long way from here and it would therefore entail long journeys for hazardous waste. My response to Shepway council is bury this idea now.”

East Sussex County Council leader Peter Jones added that the council has ‘serious concerns’ the facility could be built just outside the county border.

Dungeness power stations on Romney Marsh are earmarked for closure. Dungeness A is being decommissioned and B will close in a few years time.