Cause of nasty niff plaguing town centre is found

THE cause of a nasty niff which has been plaguing Hastings town centre businesses for months has at last been found.

On April 25, the Observer reported that managers of businesses in York Buildings, Wellington Place, including Shakeaway, Kamsons Pharmacy and Sculpture Salon, had complained that they had endure the ‘disgusting stench of raw sewage’ for seven months.

Despite several investigations, Southern Water and East Sussex County Council failed to find the cause of the problem and the managers said the offending smell was driving customers away.

Joti Haulkory, 36, manager of Kamsons Pharmacy, said: “We are earning a reputation as the smelliest pharmacy in Hastings!”

But this week Southern Water announced that it has discovered the source of the nasty niff. A Southern Water spokesman said: “We recently worked with the Environmental Health Department to investigate an odour problem in York Buildings, Hastings, and we managed to trace the smell to a private pipe in the vicinity which had been blocked.

“The owner of the pipe was instructed to deal with the issue.

“On May 6, Dyno-Rod jetted the pipe and the problem has now been resolved.

“To reduce blockages from happening, customers are reminded not to pour fat, oil and grease down sinks as, over time, this hardens to form a concrete-like material that can block the entire pipe.

“Instead, pour the cooled oils into a secure container and put it in the bin once it has hardened.”

Tara Goodall, manager of Sculpture Salon, said: “At the moment it still smells but it’s not as bad as it was. It’s not as strong as it was but it is still around.”