Campaigners seek support for protest march

ANTI-Fascist protesters from Hastings are drumming up support for a counter-march protesting against a far right group.

A coach-load of members of the Hastings Unite Against Fascism group (HUAF), will travel to Tower Hamlets next month to oppose a march organised by the English Defence League (EDL).

HUAF chairman Chris Laverick, 36, of Mount Pleasant, said: “From our point of view, their march is completely racially motivated.

“We want to show support for the people of Tower Hamlets and show them they don’t need to be intimidated.”

The EDL march, on September 3, protests against what it sees as Islamic extremism in the UK.

Mr Laverick claims to have found strong support in Hastings for his group’s opposition to the far right.

Referring to the last year’s local and national elections, he said: “When the British National Party stood in Hastings, we noticed lots of people got involved with our work.”

Nick Prince, south east regional organiser for the BNP, who has previously stood in Tressell ward, said: “The BNP has no associations with the EDL. We find them extreme. Our aims will always remain at the ballot box.”

The EDL declined to comment.

A coach leaves Hastings Station at 9am on September 3, to return later that day. For information, contact Mr Laverick on 07853 315375.