Artists are in the picture with new nature exhibition

Jazz by Moram
Jazz by Moram

A GROUP of artists are putting themselves with a colourful exhibition to celebrate life and nature.

The new show at the Hastings Arts Forum in Marina is entoitled The Nature of Things and features eight diverse artists.

The work is representational and non-representational, with the artists expressing the theme in different media from oil painting to sculpture.

Inspirations are drawn from life and it’s complex mechanisms and challenges, sometimes visible and sometimes when they are not.

The exhibition will include a programme of performances, workshops and talks.

The artists taking part are Moram, Val Flack, Katia Giordanella, Josephine Ho, Geoff Parham, Suzzanne Patterson, Nick Weekes and Respond Academy, art by the young people attending the academy.

Workshops include Yoga, Tai chi, Brazilian martial art Capoeira, painting and drawing.

For more information contact or call 201636 or check the Facebook page.

The Hastings Arts Forum is open from 11am – 5 pm every day and the exhibition runs until June 17