Adventurers return after avoiding Everest avalanche

Jan Meek
Jan Meek

A TRIPLE world record holder and IT worker have returned from a successful trip to Mount Everest safe and sound after avoiding the recent avalanche.

Jan Meek touched down at Heathrow on Tuesday (April 29) after her tip to the peak’s Base Camp site with fellow adventurer Roger Davies, who works at Denaploy in St Leonards.

They were joined by other members of the pair’s Unfinished Business Society.

Set up in memory of explorer Tom Crean and other support crews from famous expeditions who each proved vital to the success of the missions, but never made the finish line, the Unfinished Business Society has tackled a string of Herculean tasks, from climbing Kilimanjaro and trekking in the Atlas Mountains, to rowing the Channel and skiing to the North Pole.

The latest effort was to reach Everest’s Base Camp and the team were successful in their 14-day trek to the 5,545-metre elevation.

The trip included days of acclimatisation, hiking along rivers, settlements and crossing some of the highest bridges in the Himalayas.

Jan summed it up as stunning, but tough. She said: “Experiencing the scenery and the majesty of nature is just incredible.

“101 days rowing the Atlantic and racing to both North Poles was hard, but that was at the sea level, while a relentless climb to more than 5,000 metres is really tough.”

However, the expedition was tinged with sadness when their departure from Basecamp coincided with news that just four hours further up Everest 16 sherpa guides and porters had been swept away by an avalanche which could easily have caught Unfinished Business Society group.

Ms Meek, from Bexhill, revealed: “We watched from our windows in Lukla as the helicopters arrived to bring the bodies down from the mountain, all of them known to our own guides and some of them we had met and talked to only the day before.”

The duo founded Unfinished Business Society to help people realise their personal and charitable goals through organising exciting adventures all around the globe. The trek to Everest was the first phase of their preparation for Unfinished Business Society’s expedition to South Pole.