Academy girls receive talk from inspirational women

HELENSWOOD Academy students celebrated International Women’s Day 2014 by holding an inspirational student-led conference last Thursday (March 6).

Three women, Anna Wardley, Emily Yates and Carla Cotterall , were invited to share their experiences, inspirations and hopes with the students.

Guest speaker Anna Wardley

Guest speaker Anna Wardley

Anna Wardley, an open ocean swimmer who has raised £60,000 for charity by crossing the Channel, spoke about how she overcame her hatred of swimming.

Talking to the students about overcoming a failure to complete goals, Ms Wardley told the girls to never give up and to keep on trying.

Another inspiring speech was given by Emily Yates, who has not let being in a wheelchair stop her from achieving her goals in life.

Ms Yates has ridden a camel in the Sinai Desert in Egypt, swum with sharks in South Africa and volunteered for the Olympics and Paralympics. And she has now been employed as an accessibility consultant for the Rio games in 2016.

The final speaker was Carla Cotterall, a business executive who earned her first £100,000 when she was 30.

She shared her philosophy with Helenswood students on how to make money by working hard, looking for opportunities in life and never taking no for an answer.

The academy said it would like to thank the guest speakers for all their words of advise and guidance.